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Give the Gospel for Christmas
January 21, 2013

South Asia: A Man Named Hope

As Hope faced persecution for his newfound faith, the Body of Christ came together to help him and his family start a new life in a new place.

  • Hopeful Place

    As Hope faced persecution for his newfound faith, the Body of Christ came together to help him and his family start a new life in a new place.

We can see God at work as we trace the life story of a man we call Hope. His journey started several years ago when Hope came across a Christian website on his computer while working at his job of repairing cell phones.

The website captured his interest, and that led him to our hospital to learn more. One of the hospital staff began meeting with Hope to study the Scriptures, and he subsequently became a follower of Jesus. When he first came to faith, he took for himself the name "Hope," his testimony to what his new faith means to him. His elderly parents, who lived with him, seemed to resign themselves to this and appreciate some of the changes in his life. Not so with his brothers, who tried to persuade Hope to abandon his newfound faith. When that failed, they attacked him and beat him severely, promising to kill him if he did not recant.

Hope was forced to flee his home country in South Asia, leaving his wife and young child behind. After months of travel, he ended up in Europe, where he applied for asylum. He remained in sporadic contact with us by phone and email. When Hope needed help, we contacted our TEAM colleagues working in that country, who met with him and began to encourage and help our brother in many practical ways, including guiding him to a church. Some of the church members have taken on the task of teaching conversational German to Hope. It has been exciting to see the Body of Christ working together in this way.

Two months ago, Hope received his asylum status and approval for his wife and child to also emigrate. He returned to South Asia recently and had a joyous reunion with his wife and young son. His brothers are currently working out of the country, so this was the perfect time for him to return without incident. Hope called us to say that all the paperwork for his wife and child's passport and visa has been completed, and they will soon leave for their new home. We praise God for the miracles He performed as Hope’s family received passports and papers in such a short time. Hope’s wife does not know the Lord yet, but she cares for her husband and is happy about this move abroad. We pray for Hope and his family as they adjust to life in another country and continue their journey with the Lord.

-Written by a worker in South Asia
-Photo provided by worker