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April 02, 2013

Philippines: Shining Star

Persecuted by classmates for her faith, a young believer finds strength and peace in the Lord.

  • Finding Strength

    Persecuted by classmates for her faith, a young believer finds strength and peace in the Lord.

Polly* is a young believer who lives in a boarding house in order to attend high school on her island. Recently, she has really been growing in her faith, and Polly’s character and behavior reflects that the Fruits of the Holy Spirit are developing in her life.

As Polly grew bolder in her faith, her classmates began to question her if she was a follower of Christ. She confirmed her faith to her friends, and since that time, they have ostracized her. Her classmates call her “haraam,” which means forbidden and sinful. Obviously, Polly is very sad about the way her friends have forsaken her. Even Polly’s cousin and older sister persecute her for her faith.

One morning, Polly’s cousin and sister were giving her a hard time while they were getting ready for school. Polly was so sad that she didn’t even think she could make the walk to class. As she was sitting down on the edge of the bed trying to put on her shoes, Polly suddenly realized that she was surrounded by a beautiful cloud of bright stars. The stars were shining on her, and she felt like they were giving her strength and peace from the Lord. Polly’s sister noticed that Polly was suddenly smiling and looked peaceful, and asked why. “Don’t you see the beautiful, dancing lights?” Polly replied. But her cousin and sister did not see anything.

“I know that the stars were sent to show me that Isa (Jesus) is with me even when others are hurting me,” Polly later testified. “I don’t like being called ‘haraam,’ but at least I am forgiven and loved by Isa.” Polly was able to go to class and face her classmates with the knowledge that the Lord would protect her and grant her peace through all of her days.

-Written by Becky Martin, TEAM missionary in the Philippines

*not her real name