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March 26, 2013

Philippines: Dreams of Hope

In a dream, the Lord spoke to a new believer in the Philippines through the prayers of two women in America.

  • Power of Prayer

    In a dream, the Lord spoke to a new believer in the Philippines through the prayers of two women in America.

While in the United States, TEAM missionary Becky Martin was awoken at 2 a.m. one night with a feeling of urgency to pray for the Philippines.

She started praying without any real direction, going through her mental list of friends, co-workers, and unreached people groups in Southeast Asia, praying for God’s will to be done in their lives. She decided to go downstairs and check her email to see if there were any prayer request messages and discovered her daughter Kinsey was awake as well. Kinsey had also woken up at 2 a.m. with an urgent need to pray for the Philippines, but she didn’t know what to pray for specifically. Kinsey had taken the same actions as her mother and had prayed generally for the Filipino people.  Even though there were no specific e-mail prayer requests, they sat down and prayed together.

One month later, Becky was attending a training session in the southern Philippines. A Filipino worker serving in an unreached people group shared the testimony of a new believer named Patrick*.  The new believer had recently decided to give up his faith in Christ due to the isolation and opposition he felt. He stopped meeting with other believers and decided to run away to another island. Patrick was leaving behind his family, his responsibilities, and his new faith because of the difficulties he faced. He secretly sold his house and prepared to leave.

Then Patrick had a dream. In his dream, there were two American women praying for him – one older and one younger – and even though they were praying in English, he could understand them. When Patrick awoke, he was filled with the conviction that God must love him so much because He prompted two American women whom Patrick had never met to pray for him. He knew that the dream was God telling him to remain faithful. Patrick immediately changed his mind about leaving, telling his wife that he would stay with her on the island and that they would follow Jesus together. Since then, Patrick has been baptized and become a bold witness. God uses our prayers to accomplish His work on the other side of the world!

-Written by Becky Martin, TEAM missionary in the Philippines
-Photo by Aaron Nystrom

*not his real name