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February 14, 2013

France: Powerful Proof

While searching for a lost bracelet along a mountain trail, God revealed Himself in a powerful way to a missionary and her friends.

  • God Revealed

    While searching for a lost bracelet along a mountain trail, God revealed Himself in a powerful way to my friends and me.

My friend Juliet* recently had a bad bike accident while riding on a mountain pass with her husband Peter*. She flipped over her bike handles and broke her thumb, lost at least one tooth, and badly bruised her face. She also lost her gold bracelet that had great sentimental and monetary value.

After Peter brought Juliet home from the hospital and tucked her into bed, he decided to return to the scene of the accident to look for Juliet’s bracelet. I offered to help and we drove up the mountain pass together. During the car ride, Peter talked about how his mother used to pray to Saint Anthony, the Patron Saint of Lost or Stolen Things. Peter is an atheist, so I could hear the cynicism in his voice as he ridiculed his mother’s beliefs.

Peter knows that I worship Jesus, and he asked me if I was going to pray to Saint Anthony for help. I replied, “Absolutely not! Why would I pray to a Saint when I can go directly to the Supreme Chief?” I explained that I have a direct line of communication to God, who is far more capable than any saint.

As we started looking for the bracelet, I started praying, “God, this is such an incredible opportunity for You to be glorified. Please quickly show me the exact location of the bracelet so You can have all the glory.” I felt a bit of doubt creeping in, so I prayed again, “Father, you say that with faith, we can move mountains, so I am faithfully expecting that you will show me its location.”

We started searching at the place where Juliet’s blood had stained the ground. Peter said he had already searched this spot diligently. “Too many people use this trail, and someone has already claimed it,” he said.

We both walked away from that spot and started looking elsewhere. But suddenly it was if God tapped me on the shoulder, telling me to turn around. I turned to where Peter had just been standing and saw the bracelet immediately! “Bravo, Linda!” Peter said, looking dumbfounded. “Oh no, don’t thank me,” I said. “It wasn’t me, it was God. You have to thank Him.” Peter wanted to chalk it up to good luck, so I challenged him further. “How long did you look in that same spot before I found it?” I said. “And how long did it take for God to show me the bracelet in the same spot where you were looking? No matter how much you don’t want to admit it, this was God, and this was a miracle.” God revealed Himself to my friends and me in a powerful way that day.

-Written by Linda Guest, TEAM missionary in France

*not their real names