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Horizons Volume 11, Issue 1

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125th Anniversary Trip: Europe

At the end of the evening, we asked how we could pray for the Italian believers. A woman named Lucy stood before the group, choking back tears as she asked, “Please pray I can continue to swim upstream.”

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Legacy: Bill & Bobbie Boggess

Bill Boggess was waiting at the traffic light on a warm August afternoon in 2013 when he saw this little family struggling toward the train station with all their worldly goods in tow. A friendship began between this Muslim family and these two American missionaries that continues to this day.

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France: What a Future In Missions Means

When Jennifer Hylton asked God for peace about her future, she got far more than she could have imagined.

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France: Humble Discipleship

Steve and Donna Niles have served 37 years in France with one constant theme to their work. For the Nileses, it’s all about making themselves unnecessary.

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France: Not a Little Bit Christian

After more than a decade of government roadblocks, a French church has finally found a place to call home.

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125th Anniversary Trip: Zimbabwe

I didn’t see that giraffe, by the way. One would think it would be hard to miss, but in some surroundings, it’s not. This proved true for much of what we observed in Zimbabwe: The biggest things are not always easily seen.

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